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Register for an Account

On the PintaDukit website's homepage, you should see "Register." Click on this option to complete the registration form by providing your valid email address.


Explore the Auctions

Once you've registered and set up your profile, you can start exploring the art auctions available on PintaDukit. Browse through the listings to find artwork that interests you.


Place Bids

If you find an artwork you'd like to bid on, follow the instructions provided on the auction listing to place your bids. Typically, you'll need to specify your bid amount.


Participate in Auctions

Attend auctions or participate in online bidding, depending on the format offered by PintaDukit. You may need to follow specific bidding rules and guidelines provided for each auction.


Winning and Payment

If you win an auction, follow the platform's instructions for payment and completing the transaction. Be sure to provide accurate payment information and follow any deadlines for payment.


Enjoy Your Artwork

Once the payment is processed and the auction is complete, you can enjoy your newly acquired artwork.